Autumnal Equinox Celebration


"And the seasons they go round and round..."  Far Out Gallery loves to celebrate the various turnings of the sun's cycle, whether birthdays, anniversaries, or our quarterly seasonal demarcation. Come on over tomorrow and we'll celebrate our change from summer to fall (officially at 1:02). Who knows, maybe Anne Autumn (Herbst) will perform a pagan ritual to honor in our new season...

Friday, September 22nd, 4-6 pm

Sing along with Peter and Jeanie

to usher in a new season!



Scenes from Guillermo Pulido's Opening


It was only a record-breaking 105 degrees in San Francisco yesterday for Guillermo's spirit-buoying opening. Even though Pulido's art filled the gallery with cool blues, we took little breaks and hit the alley out back for music and snacks. A joyous occasion!

photo by Jeanie Bertrand

photo by Jeanie Bertrand


Guillermo Pulido's Opening tomorrow 12-6 pm

Show runs Saturday, September 2 – Sunday, October 1, 2017


Pulido was born in Mexico and raised in San Francisco’s Mission district. He was active in the street art scene at a young age and studied at the San Francisco Art Institute where he gravitated to film, video and installation art. This exhibit explores time and place using photographs digitally enlarged—one mural-size—with Pulido’s poetic sensibility.


A Closing Toast With Harry Cohen

Harry Cohen, 2017   27" x 21" acrylic on paper   Private Collection

Harry Cohen, 2017   27" x 21" acrylic on paper   Private Collection

Sunday, August 27, 2017

The gallery will be open during its regular Sunday hours 12:00 to 6:00.

Harry Cohen welcomes you to join him from 3:00 to 5:00 in a salute to gallery owner Anne Herbst and friends and collectors of Harry's art work at the FOG Far Out Gallery.

...Did your grandparents pass up the opportunity to buy artwork directly from Picasso, deKooning, Gorky or others?


Harry Cohen Comes to Town

It was an exciting day at FOG. Harry Cohen and his pals drove down from Woodacre and unloaded our next show.

Lunch at Hong's after the delivery. These guys have been buddies for a long time. That's Peter, Skip, and Harry, and if you look closely, you can see Anne in the mirror.

Skip Henderson writes this about his pal:

Harry Cohen is as he paints – joyful, exuberant, buoyant, colorful, and bright. His studio is a work of art packed with canvases, colors, mobiles and stabiles. At age 92, Harry bounds around his studio without letting the spring in his step deflect the brushstroke he intends. 


The opening reception for Harry's show will be this Saturday, August 5, 12-6 pm.


My Birthday Party

It was my birthday party.

We had cake and birthday cards.

They sang Happy Birthday to me.

This human (her name was Elena) claimed that it was her birthday too.

Happy Birthday, Carmen!

Carmen will be 11 years old tomorrow (Friday) so come by and give her a personal birthday greeting. We’ll be celebrating her from 4-6 with music, cake, and our accustomed bonhomie.


A Couple of Seals Swam in Today

See what we mean? As soon as two of Stephen Fox's birds flew out of the gallery, these two seals swam in.


A Happy Weekend

We had a great weekend at the gallery – we hope you had a good weekend, too! Stephen Fox's work is flying out the door, but as it disappears, he just brings more in.


A Letter to the Editor from Richard Kamler

Nostalgia over Peace Navy

Regarding “Documenting decades of area protest” (Datebook, July 6): The article on protest photographs and the mention of the Peace Navy brought back rich memories of two collaborations I had with the Peace Navy and Bob Heifetz, who passed away several years ago. In 1992, on the eve of Robert Alton Harris’ execution, we decided to surround San Quentin State Prison with the sound of lions roaring. I’d made a recording of lions roaring, and we had speakers on the boat. When the execution was going ahead, we cranked up the sound and made our pass in front of the prison.

Helicopters came, pinned us with a light, and the boat was taken under control by the U.S. Coast Guard. We were charged with a “sound ordinance: a public nuisance.” The charges were later dismissed. A second collaboration with the Peace Navy happened in a protest against the militarism of Fleet Week. We created a large inflatable-looking loaf of french bread and painted in the tricolors of France. On its side, in bold letters, we painted “Make Bread Not Bombs.” We towed it in front of the Dartmouth, where dignitaries were on board. We were taken by the Coast Guard again and later released. I miss the Peace Navy.

Richard Kamler, San Francisco/ San Francisco Chronicle

Richard Kamler and his work at the gallery last August

Richard Kamler and his work at the gallery last August


Stephen Fox: A Joyful Opening

Stephen Fox, Barbara Luzardi, and our own Peter Munks. photo by May Woon

Stephen Fox, Barbara Luzardi, and our own Peter Munks. photo by May Woon

photo by Jason Barnett

photo by Jason Barnett

photo by May Woon

photo by May Woon

photo by Jason Barnett

photo by Jason Barnett

11:59: Are we ready for this?






2:00: Anne sounds the foghorn and introduces Stephen. Time for the Artist's Talk.


We listen.


And laugh.


It is a wonderful show. And for an artist who is so serious about his work, there was an extraordinary amount of laughter going on in the gallery today.

A New Flock Flew in Today

A new party of birds flew in today to celebrate Stephen Fox's Opening this Saturday, July 8, from 12-6 pm.


Stephen Fox's Opening Reception July 8

Join us for Fox's Opening Reception this coming Saturday, July 8, from 12 - 6 pm. He'll give an artist's talk at 2:00. Stephen works with wood, bamboo, stone, and most recently, acrylic.

Jenny, the owner of Sweet Passion Bakery, checking out her new purchase, Matador in Motion, by Stephen Fox.