Happy Birthday, Anne!


Today Anne starts her 57th revolution around the sun - and what a journey it has been.

Come and join Anne at FOG on Friday and Saturday for a weekend celebration. We have John Campbell’s fabulous plum pudding and bubbly libations, some tunes from me and Jeanie – and the entire gallery is full of her new exciting work.

Anne has had a tremendously productive year in her studio, and she is working on a new piece as I write this. She has been monumentally creative these past three years while opening and nurturing Far Out Gallery and its artists. She is working on a level I have never witnessed, and that covers 30 years of watching her art expand, explore, and EXPLODE. Come on by and help her celebrate.  -Peter



In Our Window


We're not open today, of course, because it's Wednesday! But if you happen to be in the neighborhood, peek in our window. You'll see a collection of potsherds Anne has gathered from the beach – and painted.


Ripple: Anne's Opening

A phenomenally fun and dazzling event!

Kathryn, Karim, Peter, Anne

Kathryn, Karim, Peter, Anne

Anne gave a spell-binding talk, and we asked gazillions of questions.

Anne gave a spell-binding talk, and we asked gazillions of questions.

Jeanie, Anne, Barbara, Stephen

Jeanie, Anne, Barbara, Stephen

Let there be songs to fill the air... Jeanie and Peter give us RIPPLE by the Grateful Dead.

Let there be songs to fill the air... Jeanie and Peter give us RIPPLE by the Grateful Dead.

Special Delivery


Anne's show opens this Saturday, November 4! Our artful leader will personally deliver any work of hers sold (as long as Joan will let us borrow the car).



Richard Kamler passed this morning, November 1, 2017.

Richard Kamler set the bar for the importance of art in our world. Insert yourself was his mantra to make a vital and positive difference. He was an art activist and was uncompromising in his desire for peace on earth. One of his art pieces was recording the lions at the San Francisco Zoo. He blasted their roar on the San Francisco Bay near San Quentin Penitentiary to protest the execution of a prisoner.

We will always hear Richard's ROAR. Peace Forever.




02 copy.JPG

This is the last weekend to see Kasper Rodenborn’s exciting show - make sure you check out his “Fog” wall out back. And then, get ready for a special November.

Anne is showing many new works, including a 50 year revisiting of a favorite drawing of a horse she made as a 6 year old. Come help celebrate her fabulous show, Ripple. Jeanie and I will be performing the Fog family songbook on Sundays starting at 3 throughout November. We will be open on Thanksgiving to serve our wonderful community of art lovers.     -Cheers, Peter




Wild, colorful, mesmerizing: A live performance by Kasper Rodenborn.


Almost Finished


Kasper worked on our back wall today; he'll probably finish it next week!


Hop on the Bus...

and visit us! (That's the handsome new L-Taraval light rail.)


Lucia visited the gallery today. She's an Italian water dog, and she brought rain. Finally!


Work In Progress

Screen Shot 2017-10-14 at 10.02.11 PM.png

Kasper’s FOG wall: a graffiti-based rendering of the gallery’s name.


Kasper Rodenborn's Opening


Some gorgeous pieces greet you as you walk through the big red door.


Anne blows the fog horn and introduces Kasper.


Kasper tells some vivid stories about his work.


Art glowed, wine flowed–and as always at FOG, friendships were born.


Long Day, Lovely Show


We hung Kasper Rodenborn's show today. When we were finished we were so happy with it, we celebrated.


Autumnal Equinox Celebration


"And the seasons they go round and round..."  Far Out Gallery loves to celebrate the various turnings of the sun's cycle, whether birthdays, anniversaries, or our quarterly seasonal demarcation. Come on over tomorrow and we'll celebrate our change from summer to fall (officially at 1:02). Who knows, maybe Anne Autumn (Herbst) will perform a pagan ritual to honor in our new season...

Friday, September 22nd, 4-6 pm

Sing along with Peter and Jeanie

to usher in a new season!



Scenes from Guillermo Pulido's Opening


It was only a record-breaking 105 degrees in San Francisco yesterday for Guillermo's spirit-buoying opening. Even though Pulido's art filled the gallery with cool blues, we took little breaks and hit the alley out back for music and snacks. A joyous occasion!

photo by Jeanie Bertrand

photo by Jeanie Bertrand


Guillermo Pulido's Opening tomorrow 12-6 pm

Show runs Saturday, September 2 – Sunday, October 1, 2017


Pulido was born in Mexico and raised in San Francisco’s Mission district. He was active in the street art scene at a young age and studied at the San Francisco Art Institute where he gravitated to film, video and installation art. This exhibit explores time and place using photographs digitally enlarged—one mural-size—with Pulido’s poetic sensibility.


A Closing Toast With Harry Cohen

Harry Cohen, 2017   27" x 21" acrylic on paper   Private Collection

Harry Cohen, 2017   27" x 21" acrylic on paper   Private Collection

Sunday, August 27, 2017

The gallery will be open during its regular Sunday hours 12:00 to 6:00.

Harry Cohen welcomes you to join him from 3:00 to 5:00 in a salute to gallery owner Anne Herbst and friends and collectors of Harry's art work at the FOG Far Out Gallery.

...Did your grandparents pass up the opportunity to buy artwork directly from Picasso, deKooning, Gorky or others?