Artists Never Stop Creating

Looking back over two years of shows at FOG, a remarkable fact becomes clear: artists never stop creating. Among our stellar artists shown, Harry Cohen (who brought along his magnificent Bagel Boys) was 93, Dottie Weintraub was 88, Richard Kamler, Bill Aiken, Tom Akawie were all in their 80s – and many more were in their 70s.

Harry Cohen

Harry Cohen

Dottie Weintraub

Dottie Weintraub

Tom Akawie

Tom Akawie

Bill Aiken

Bill Aiken

Richard Kamler

Richard Kamler

In some of my last talks with Richard, he said he always tried to make art every day, even if it was just a mark on paper. He was passionate to the very end about “inserting” his art in the world.


Richard will be having a posthumous show at FOG in April.


A wonderful article in the NYT about Harry Bertschmann is a perfect illustration. After showing with Frank Kline and Mark Rothko, New York School artists of the 50s and 60s, he fell into obscurity as he did design work to make a living with his wife in New York. He is now attracting serious interest and people are rediscovering his art. Mr Bertschmann is now 86, and “continues to put pencil to paper with such single-minded focus that he doesn’t see his own career arc, or plan for the future.” I am profoundly moved and thankful that these artists never stop.   –Peter


Lew Carson's LOVELY Opening

Dewitt, Anne, Lew   Photo: Peter Munks

Dewitt, Anne, Lew   Photo: Peter Munks

a detail

a detail


Lew Carson:  About twelve years ago I found a large envelope with diagrams of body parts. They were an invitation to explore the human form that I found familiar, complex and mysterious. Shortly afterwards, I began to use illustrations from Gray’s Anatomy as source material. I begin by covering each panel with maps. The color is applied with some degree of translucency to allow portions of the maps to be visible. Two layers of content: earth map, body map. A compelling aspect of art is its potential to transport us from the ordinary to the ecstatic, a heightened state of clarity and bliss.

Here It Comes

I’m sitting on FOG’s bench, smelling Andytown’s coffee being roasted and contemplating the New Year's arrival.


We are also excited about a new business opening at 3044 Taraval - it is to be called AFTER HOURS and will feature burgers.


We’ll be open on New Year's Eve, with music and bubbly starting around 3.


Make sure to stop by for the last four days of Sonia’s photographs. Here’s to Auld Lang Syne, and cups of kindness to all...  -Peter

Sonia Melnikova-Raich

Sonia Melnikova-Raich


Solstice Celebration Today, 4-6 pm


Here’s to the turning of our planet eARTh as it briefly pauses on its yearly journey around the sun and heads towards more light and more warmth. Celebrate this beautiful occurrence today, hoist a glass of wine, dance a Druidic step, sing a wintery song, and join together in camaraderie. Seasons Greetings and hopes for Peace and good will among us all.   –Cheers, Peter


A Collaboration: Greyson and Anne


Greyson's learning to hold a marker, and Anne just can't hold back. She joins in with a red marker.

Michelle (Greyson's mom) and Greyson.

Michelle (Greyson's mom) and Greyson.



Another long day at the office for Carmen and Catfish.

Another long day at the office for Carmen and Catfish.


Red Dot


One of our favorites, Light House Present, by Anne Herbst, sailed away this week.


Summer Losing Its Petals

Summer Losing Its Petals:  Botanical arrangements and photography by Sonia Melnikova-Raich (An additional and separate installation from WAKING DREAMS)

Petals I.jpg
Petals II.jpg

They're Here!


Our big box of Tidelogs just arrived! They make terrific Christmas presents. Use them for journals, lists; and of course, to check the tide. $16.


Youngest and Oldest in Fog history


This week we welcomed to the gallery both our youngest and our oldest patrons in FOG history. Above is Auzerea – 12 days old. And below, center, is Ruth – one hundred years young.


Tidelogs Are Coming!


We will be selling our Tidelogs for 2018 starting next week. Check out this Sunday’s huge tides!


Still Giving Thanks

We had a lovely straggle of pilgrims stopping by yesterday to see Anne’s work at FOG, and we capped a wonderful Thanksgiving by having leftovers - a new tradition in the making.

Today being BLACK Friday, we’re opening at 6:00 am (just kidding) ... But, this is the last weekend to experience Anne’s gorgeous show Ripple, so stop on by 40th@Taraval and help us celebrate with bubbly, John Campbell’s plum pudding, music, and camaraderie.   -Peter

Anne Herbst    Lunch in the Park   oil on wood   11 1/2" x 14"

Anne Herbst    Lunch in the Park   oil on wood   11 1/2" x 14"


Happy Birthday, Anne!


Today Anne starts her 57th revolution around the sun - and what a journey it has been.

Come and join Anne at FOG on Friday and Saturday for a weekend celebration. We have John Campbell’s fabulous plum pudding and bubbly libations, some tunes from me and Jeanie – and the entire gallery is full of her new exciting work.

Anne has had a tremendously productive year in her studio, and she is working on a new piece as I write this. She has been monumentally creative these past three years while opening and nurturing Far Out Gallery and its artists. She is working on a level I have never witnessed, and that covers 30 years of watching her art expand, explore, and EXPLODE. Come on by and help her celebrate.  -Peter



In Our Window


We're not open today, of course, because it's Wednesday! But if you happen to be in the neighborhood, peek in our window. You'll see a collection of potsherds Anne has gathered from the beach – and painted.