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Jeffrey Nemeroff's Opening II

Dappled Skies  48 x 48 in. oil on canvas 2019

Dappled Skies 48 x 48 in. oil on canvas 2019

Far Out Gallery presents Ephemeral Seas Vol. 2, the second installment of seascapes by Jeffrey Nemeroff. Inspired by the coastline of San Francisco where the artist resides, his work investigates that singular moment when the relationship between the sea and sky will never be the same again. Working in layers of glazes and oil, Nemeroff’s paintings blur the line between realism and abstraction, further emphasizing that the experience—and his fading memory of it—is as impermanent as the oceans themselves.

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Carol A. Levy's Opening

Tides  48" x 60" acrylic on canvas 2019

Tides 48" x 60" acrylic on canvas 2019

Carol A. Levy describes her painting process as a search. Here she encounters the delicate balances between control and freedom, the known and unknown and chaos and resolution. Her inspiration comes from the natural and spiritual world, the figure form and the human condition. References to the ever-changing nature of time and space exist within layers of paint, lines and gestures. The depth and breadth of Levy’s art invites the viewer to be present and to look beneath the surface of things. 

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Hank Keneally's Opening

SF - Water Wall     © 2018

SF - Water Wall    © 2018

As I walk the streets of San Francisco, I am in a state of contemplative awareness: a quest to discover my conception of beauty. I often find it on a wall or the street below me, with its designs, impacted by nature, human collaborations, balance and structure.    –Hank Keneally 

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Robin Stearns' Opening

Beam  oil and silver leaf on wood panel 40" x 30" 2018

Beam oil and silver leaf on wood panel 40" x 30" 2018

City Lights in the FOG:
Paintings by Robin Stearns

I love the beauty and the grittiness of the city. My cityscapes are all about light and motion and energy. Using rollers and knives, scrapers and sponges, I carve out structures and shadows, enhancing the geometry, until the piece reaches a density, a solidity, that feels true.  

Artist’s Talk 2:00 pm

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Stephen Fox's Opening 2018

Bad Dog!  . cedar and maple woods . 9h x 5w x2d inches . 2018

Bad Dog! . cedar and maple woods . 9h x 5w x2d inches . 2018

Fox in the Box

FOG welcomes back Stephen Fox who will exhibit his new work. Fox has created a "celebration of women" series, an array of bright acrylic sea creatures, a tribute to the sculptors who most influenced his vision, acrylic and alabaster jewelry and whimsical yet functional kitchenware.

Artist’s Talk at 2 pm

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Yvonne Daley's Book Reading


No two places were impacted by the counterculture more than San Francisco and Vermont. In her new book, Going Up the Country, Yvonne Daley explores the differences and celebrates the thousands of hippies, dreamers, freaks and radicals who, along with Bernie Sanders and Ben & Jerry, transformed Vermont from the most conservative state in the union to the most progressive.

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