Sunday, September 11, 2016


Far Out Gallery was the scene of an extraordinary event Sunday, September 11. Master calligrapher Mac Ming Chan moved 3 doors east from his frame shop/art gallery/studio to perform a demonstration of this ancient Chinese art form at FOG. This was truly performance art. Ming mentally composed his artistic vision, fastidiously dipped his brush in the black ink and exquisitely painted his characters on the rice paper scroll. It was enthralling and applause broke out with each beautiful stroke. Ming's classic artistry transformed Far Out Gallery. We will be having Ming back soon – don't miss it.

beverly tharp: in love with lotus

Saturday, September 3 - Saturday, October 1, 2016


Beverly Tharp is a photographer and writer who grew up in Honolulu, Hawaii. By the time she was 20 years old she had lived four years in Paris, studying art. After college, she lived in Kona before it had stop lights. She owned two stores selling swimwear from all over the world. The best part of the day was creating displays for which she won awards. But each day gazing out the window at the turquoise ocean across the street, she dreamed of escape. One day she flew to San Francisco to study painting and poetry. She married a musician and learned photography. At last she was saved.


Richard Kamler: DRAWINGS


Saturday, August 6 - Sunday, August 28, 2016:

"I practice art to communicate, to be in the world..
I practice art because it is the most meaningful thing I can think of doing.
I practice art so that I can be at the table. .
I practice art to have fun.
I practice art to be part of the global community of artists and to participate in our common and creative struggle for freedom.
I practice art because I can sing while doing it.
I practice art to respect my grandfather’s request to show him the face I had before I was born.
I practice art to have ONE un-edited activity in which I can mess around.

When my son was young, 2 or 3, and the socializing process of saying “no” was beginning to lock in (we all know that process; don’t touch this, you’ll burn yourself; don’t throw food; etc.) Well, I began to feel bad about this. I felt he would lose that wonderful sense of freedom we are born with, that sense of open-ness that we have in the beginning. And, yes, of course he did need to live in the world! Couldn’t throw food around or burn himself, but I felt a sense of loss. So one morning, on the ceiling of his room, as big as possible, I painted the word, YES. YES!!

So, that when he woke, the first thing he saw, was YES! YES! YES!

I practice art to say YES!"        

Read Richard's Artist Statement in its entirety.

Gregory Vernitsky: Walking Away


Saturday, July 2 - Saturday, July 30, 2016:

"When I pick up a scrap or a piece of wood and find it interesting, I can't drop it.”





"When I'm working on a piece of sculpture, I have to have fun."


Summer solstice: Ain't misbehavin


June 23, 2016

A few days after the solstice, Stu Etzler's tap dance group streamed in and spread some sunshine through the gallery.


Gervasi and his wife Veronica Rojas in front of  Mi Espacio Favorito

Gervasi and his wife Veronica Rojas in front of Mi Espacio Favorito


May 7-June 25, 2016:

Gervasi's paintings have totally transformed our gallery – made it into our own new favorite space.


Santiago gave a brief (and fun!) gallery talk, after which he led us in a song: Getting Better by the Beatles.



Far Out Gallery threw the most welcoming and colorful celebration on March 19, 2016 – the day of the Vernal Equinox.

The paintings in this show are breathtaking, and will remain up through April. They reveal the circle of life, death, and rebirth in a glorious way.

FOG is getting a reputation for being a good-mood, good food, great little art gallery.

We love dogs at FOG.

We love dogs at FOG.

Ona, Diana Mangano and Beth Custer performing a song written by Ona called  Busy Busy Bee

Ona, Diana Mangano and Beth Custer performing a song written by Ona called Busy Busy Bee


Winter solstice 2015

This special celebration took place on December 21st as the sun slid over into Winter. The art was mesmerizing. We heard songs about our love for the earth, and were greeted with wine, cheese and bread.

Eric Friedman performing

Eric Friedman performing

Dogs are always welcome at FOG.

Dogs are always welcome at FOG.


In October, FOG Gallery opened its bright red door for the first time during the SF Open Studios, the oldest and largest open studios program in the country.