The intersection of joy and discovery


"The intersection of joy and discovery" is how Gregory Vernitsky describes the pieces he makes – and his sculptures now at FOG are truly that.

A similar "intersection" can be found on the street where we live – and probably yours too.

Lisa has graced the corner of 42nd and Rivera with a perfect mailbox cupcake. Further up Rivera there is a telephone pole wrapped in colorful wool, a yarn-storm of brightness. In honor of July 4th, someone has carefully affixed 6 tiny American flags to telephone poles along Rivera. Walking farther west on Rivera there are a number of fantastic wooden pieces hanging on telephone poles. Finishing up at the beach, there is a wide array of stunning paintings and graffiti.

So, as Charly Kayle, a recent visitor said, "Exploring what's around you can be pretty rewarding." Amen. And in that same spirit, I urge you to check out Linda Davick's blog, a wondrous exploration of "what's around."          –Peter