Is that coffee I smell?

Yes sir, Andytown has begun their production. That's Roos operating their old smaller roaster.  At the counter Alex and Scott are labeling and bagging the beans. They will be using this space, two doors down from FOG, as the heart of their operation. It will supply the original shop at 43rd and Lawton and their soon-to-be-opening one by the Riptide. Andytown, the sunset community salutes you.  –Peter

p.s. Today was one of those wet, dreary days sitting in the Far Out Gallery until a delivery guy walks in and hands me these glorious orchids (from Greg and his family who live across the street). Then, in comes Cherry from Hong's restaurant down the street with a piping hot bowl of hot and sour soup - did that hit the spot.  And now here comes our FOG family pal Robert to visit Carmen.