40,000 Years Ago and Now

“Farther Out” is Anne’s 4th show at FOG, and presents her most fulfilling and satisfying work to date. With five of the pieces created in 2018, she has been refining and deepening her artistic vision to startling effect.

An illuminating article in the New York Times recently dated certain hand stencils and drawings of animals in mountain caves in Borneo to at least 40,000 years ago. The stencils and drawings remind me very much of Anne’s work, and connect her to this rich tradition of figurative art.

These early humans used art to communicate, build communities, teach and uplift, and remind us that artistic expression is the essential ingredient of what it means to be human.

So come on over to Anne’s “cave” and experience for yourself the genuine connection between her paintings today and theirs 40,000 years ago.


If you come tomorrow, Friday, between 4 and 6, you can have some cake and wish Anne a happy birthday. Blue City Jazz will provide live music.

And don’t forget, on Saturday at 3 pm we have a wonderful book reading by Yvonne Daley.

Next week, we’ll be open on Thanksgiving Day.