A Personal Note: Highs and Lows

19th and Alabama, deep in the Mission and early in the morning, 7:00am. Carmen’s cardiologist rechecks her ex-rays and confirms her diagnosis - respiratory heart failure with enlarged heart and irregular beat. We go to our favorite cafe, The Atlas at 20th and Harrison, have a great breakfast and commiserate.


On the way to our car we see a flat file sitting out on the the street. We nab it and inside is a trove of fabulous colored paper. Anne is way happy, she has wanted a flat file for years.


Back to Carmen: She is now on four medications and has to curtail her exuberance (not easy). We rescued Carmen when she was a year and half, and have loved and lived with her for over 10 years, and our journey continues. Come by and give her your good wishes.  -Peter