When Does the Party Start?


Saturday, July 28, at 4:00

Carmen's Birthday Party


12 years and going strong! We are so happy to host this celebration of Carmen’s 12 years around the sun. Anne and I rescued Carmen from extremely dire circumstances when she was 1 1/2 years old. After a difficult period of learning to trust humans, she has settled into a remarkably happy and beautiful life. We all go to the beach every day, and Carmen loves her daily adventure. Since she was diagnosed with congestive heart disease, we have cut back from 6 to 2 miles a day, but that is plenty of time for her to frolic, swim, run, and shine. One of her favorite beach activities is to run with long strands of kelp in her mouth - which puts a smile on many a surprised face. She surely has put many a smile on our faces, and continues to do so. So come on by, have some cake, and give her a special hello on her special day.  -Peter



Where are our goody bags?   

Where are our goody bags?