Darryl Sapien's Opening

The artist beside MELENCOLIA.

The artist beside MELENCOLIA.


Is it time for the talk?

YES! Sound the foghorn!


Darryl gave a fascinating talk, explaining how he finds objects, brings them to his studio, and holds them hostage  – sometimes for years – until they tell him what they want to be. The piece of art below was inspired by a discarded WELCOME mat, and is called WORN OUT WELCOME V.


from Darryl's website: "My studio work concentrates on transforming found and appropriated objects into three dimensional paintings or assemblage. Every object I incorporate into an artwork has a story to tell, and every story dictates the work’s final form. Each object suggests a unique metaphor and initiates a chain reaction of thought, image, language, and material. In painting an image on a three-dimensional found object I seek to create a dynamic synergy between the image and the object’s former function. I like to think of the process as a dialog between myself and the object I’ve chosen to work with. The finished work should awaken a dormant potential, with image and object converging into a unified statement amounting to more than the sum of its parts."