A touchstone and a portal

As we get set to open our fifth show of the year, along comes this email out of the blue. It has put big smiles on our faces. Thank goodness for the kindness of other artists. Let’s get some more folks “popping into” FOG.

Hello Anne,

It is somewhat ironic that I have never set foot in your gallery, because I find myself popping in to your space pretty regularly via the web.  I have lived in Michigan since 1978, but FOG has become a kind of touchstone for me, returning me to my native state.  I was born and reared in California –– attended SFAI and was one of San Francisco’s first licensed street artists (1972). 

So this is just a little note of thanks for being a portal to the stomping grounds of my youth.

I wish for your gallery a long life.  


Stephen Duren, American Artist