New Kid on the Block

We want to take this opportunity to welcome the new kid on the block - the New Fung Tai Framing & Gallery at 3028 Taraval. It is being run by the brother of Ming Chan’s partner, the former calligrapher who worked out of this shop for 20 years. We wish them much success, and we will be sending prospective framing customers to you.


In another neighborhood, Anne just took down her four-month display of 12 paintings at the Infinity Towers. Those paintings were seen by the residents, and one wrote “This is such great art. I love looking at each aspect in the paintings. You can truly connect with it.”

So come on down to FOG, catch the last two weeks of John Rampley’s marvelous show, look at ANNE’S works, and maybe hear a tune or three...cheers, Peter