Last Weekend to See Jessica Dunne's Show

Anne and I will surely miss Jessica’s work at the gallery, but we are among the fortunate who live with her work. In 2009, I commissioned 5 local artists to create a work for Anne’s 50th. Jessica took this to the limit and produced a magnificent large canvas of the Camera Obscura at the Cliff House, replete with Anne in her yellow jacket standing and observing the scene. She transformed this prosaic structure into something else entirely. It is hanging over our bed and provides us with a daily dose of Jessica Dunne’s particular vision of her surroundings. We also have two small and evocative prints of bicycles that she made while on a residency in Germany, and we enjoy them every day. I for one will be saddened to see a Dunne-less gallery, and urge you all to come and pay your respects to this one-of-a-kind Jessica Dunne Sunset exhibition. -Cheers, Peter